Ep. 16: Religious Freedom vs Religious Fanatics


Religious fanatics … THAT’s who’s at play here in our nation’s politics with their fanaticism infesting our government, eating away at our foundation like termites in a home. Our nation’s home.

Now you and I know that the only place where we agree that fanatics belong and are even appreciated — heck, they’re revered all over the place — is with our sports teams from t-ball to pro ball and everything in between.

When it comes to religious fanatics who demand by way of our laws or court cases that we restrict our behavior to bow down at the altar of their fanaticism? Well, honey, that just fails to be the America we love or that’s loved the world over. It is simply unAmerican.

Religious fanatics … their fanaticism leads directly to religious intolerance which was one of the big reasons that folks from England invaded this land centuries ago. This land of many nations with many religions already here.

In today’s world, one poster child for religious intolerance is over there in Saudi Arabia — you know, the folks who paid billions of dollars to what’s his face, what was his name? Oh yeah, Jared Kashner, Kirshner, Krushner, well whatever, the son-in-law of the Traitor-in-Chief. The dictatorial rulers of Saudi Arabia are intolerant of everything — religion, free speech, human rights, women’s rights, gay rights, etc., etc.

And this religious fanaticism here in the United States is within one political party and one political party only — the Confederate MAGA ReTHUGliQan party. And that is ReTHUGliQan with a “Q.”

Anyway you look at it, those six ReTHUGliQan MAGA types on the U.S. Supreme Court, the ones who decided the Dobbs abortion ban case out of Mississippi those six voted to shove down the throat of each and every one of us their religious beliefs regarding reproductive freedom.

Rather than keeping faith with their oath of office to protect and defend the federal constitution which includes its First Amendment Freedom of Religion, those six MAGA ReTHUGliQan Justices betrayed their oath of office and betrayed you and me.

Those six ReTHUGliQan Justices reflect religious fanatics in our nation, the fanatics who believe that they are free to shove down each of our throats their religious dictates.

They have it ass-backwards.

Religious freedom — which is part of the FIRST AMENDMENT to the U.S. CONSTITUTION — means that all of us on U.S. soil are free to practice whatever religious preferences that we chose — that you chose, that I choose… as well as to refrain from any religious practice whatsoever.

Apparently those six Confederate MAGA ReTHUGliQans on the U.S. Supreme Court flunked their constitutional law classes.

Now this coming December on the Catholic Holy Day of the Feast of the Ascension — my mother who was born on that day would be 100 years old. Though she left the planet ten years ago, her words of wisdom, well, I think they are applicable here. And my mother, by the way, was also a very devout Catholic like some of those justices on the U.S. Supreme Court.

My mother would often say, “Your rights end where my nose begins.” Amen to THAT!

It’s just a pity that those Confederate MAGA ReTHUGliQan Putin-lovin’ Traitors betray us every time they applaud someone ripping up our constitutional rights like the First Amendment Freedom of Religion.

Thankfully, Jewish, Muslim, and even some Christian organizations have filed or are in the process of filing lawsuits in federal court asserting that the abortion bans deprive them of practicing their religion specifically when it comes to dealing with pregnancy and even more specifically abortion care.

These wonderful Jewish, Muslim, and Christian organizations are fighting to protect our Freedom of Religion, our strong First Amendment constitutional right for each and every one of us, each and every individual on U.S. soil.

Rabbi Bonnie Margulis chairs the Wisconsin Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. Here’s what she had this to say about the matter. “Judaism believes that fetal life is sacred and precious, but it is potential life. The actual life of the person in front of you has to take precedence.

Thank you. That deserves a round of applause!

Look, religious freedom is as American as Apple pie. And so is standing up against these threats to our democracy.

Clearly, we need to ensure that every woman or girl who needs an abortion has access to abortion care and that we take care of anyone else caught in the middle of the horrible, unfortunate legal set of consequences at that point. And that’s all because of taking care of ending a pregnancy in a way that they decided they needed.

Politicians — on the courts or in elected office — must NEVER make that decision.

Damn it! This is the 21st century. And the MAGA ReTHUGliQans have criminalized our healthcare based on their religious fanaticism.

This the United States of America! It makes me so angry.

Because right now, these ReTHUGliQans are implementing the same policies that COMMUNIST dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu forced on his nation back in the middle of last century. Who would have ever thought that we’d have an entire political party embrace communist policies.

For more on that specific subject of ReTHUGliQan communism, listen to my first podcast. It’s titled “Barefoot & Pregnant, My Ass!” And it goes into specifics of this matter of ReTHUGliQans and Communism.

To stop this horrifying nightmare, the rest of us must get to work or continue to work to ensure that this November, and I really love the new word — Roevember — Roe Roe Roe the vote!

That is the answer. That is the solution. That is where YOUR political power is. That is where you and I, us together, WE can end this nightmare by all of the actions that we take between NOW and November 8th — the day of Roevember.

Obviously if you are not already registered to vote, get yourself registered to vote. Everyone must pledge to vote Democrat for each and every office on the ballot. Period.

In terms of specific actions between now and Roevember 8th — I love that word, Roevember, we have actions we can take to elect enough Democrats to have at least 50 Democrats in the U.S. Senate, Democrats on whom we can depend so that we can expand the number of justices on the U.S. Supreme Court to lucky number 13.

That number, 13? It reflects the number of appellate courts. The U.S. Constitution itself is actually silent on the number of justices.

Historically speaking — and this comes directly from the U.S. Supreme Court website, “The number of Justices on the Supreme Court changed six times.” Great! Let’s make it lucky #7!

The Judiciary Act of 1869 — that means it’s a law and not in the constitution. The Judiciary Act of 1869 put the number of U.S. Supreme Court Justices and the number of circuit courts — known today as appellate courts — at nine. They simply reflected each other.

But today, we have 13 appellate courts.

Personally, I agree with the recommendation to expand the number of U.S. Supreme Court justices to lucky number 13. It simply makes sense. And we — you and I — we can help make that.

Circling back, to do so requires that we expand the number of Democrats specifically in the U.S. Senate because they are the ones who actually approve members of the U.S. Supreme Court. Members of the U.S. Supreme Court, as we know, are nominated by presidents, and in this case it would be President Biden.

When we have the right number of Democrats in the U.S. Senate on whom we can depend to make that happen, well, that means that we get a lot of other things also in the process. So right now, we need to keep every Democrat who is running for re-election in the U.S. Senate keep in office every Democratic member of the U.S. Senate. Every Democrat that is running for re-election.

Personally, I have to tell you that there are four who are up for re-election and need our help to get across the line.

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada, Senator Mark Kelly in Arizona, Senator Rafael Warnock in Georgia, and Senator Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire.

You’ll find their links to their campaigns on my website: sassypoliticalcoach.com.

It’s very important to return those four Democrats to the U.S. Senate. That keeps us at status quote. We need two more.

Right now, we also have FIVE Flippable U.S. Senate seats. FIVE. 1–2–3–4–5 Flippable U.S. Senate seats.

Tim Ryan in Ohio, Cheri Beasley in North Carolina, John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, Val Demings in Florida, and Mandela Barnes in Wisconsin.

This is so very exciting. FIVE!

You can find links to their campaigns on my website as well. And what’s that website address? Oh yeah, sassypoliticalcoach.com. There you go. Easy as pie.

When we elect these Democratic candidates in November — I mean, sorry, Roevember, they take office on January 3rd. And BAM! That’s when they can kill or modify the filibuster and rock and roll to expand the number of justices on the U.S. Supreme Court as well as pass legislation to protect women’s reproductive healthcare, gun safety, voter rights, marital equality, the environment, the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and oh my gosh, so much more.

Now the question you may have is, “HOW do I help?” I’m glad you asked. That’s what I’m here for to tell you the steps, the specific steps, pain-by-number steps doing the work that actually produces election night victories. Here ya go!

Want to know how to use your cell phone to identify citizens who we can count on to support and vote for our Democratic candidates? Listen to Episode 3.

What are the steps — all puns intended — to walking and talking to neighbors? Listen to Episode 9. What about turbo-charging the chatter on the ground to create the big momentum for our Democratic candidates? Listen to Episode 4. What about voter protection? Episode 14.

I even created how-to instruction documents. Everything’s on my website sassypoliticalcoach.com.

Now when you join any of these campaigns, please do me a solid, and let them know that the Sassy Political Coach encouraged you to join.

Thank you for reading!

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