Ep. 20: How to Defeat the ReTHUGliQans Proposed Nationwide Abortion Ban


Welcome back to another episode of Hell Hath No Fury! A how-to series to help YOU create our BIG BLUE WAVE this ROEvember. My name is Ana Maria, and I am the host of Sassy Political Coach.

Anytime ReTHUGliQan politicians propose horrible public policies like Lyndsey Graham’s proposed nationwide abortion ban, we must make them pay politically and pay so harshly that they NEVER dare do it again.

Yesterday, ReTHUGliQan politician and U.S. Senator Lyndsey Graham introduced a nationwide abortion ban bill in the U.S. Senate. We know that this bill will go nowhere … for now. So why did he introduce it? To bring out their MAGA ReTHUGliQan voters in Roevember.

MAGA ReTHUGliQan politicians are vile: v-i-l-e. Take the “e,” put it in front of the “v,” and that creates another word that describes their policies and actions: “evil.” All they care about is power and control to do vile and evil things to you and me, to our families, communities, and nation.

ReTHUGliQans see that we are winning! At the beginning of August — that was just last month — Kansas women and men went to the polls and defeated the ReTHUGliQan abortion ban ballot measure by two-to-one. A very decisive victory for us. Fabulous! Wonderful!

Last week, the Michigan State Supreme Court put its stamp of approval for two progressive ballot measures. One a pro-voter rights measure, and the other, a pro-abortion care measure. Magnificent!

We’ve also won two recent special congressional elections.

In Alaska, Democrat Mary Peltola beat the ReTHUGliQan former Vice Presidential candidate. In New York, Democrat Pat Ryan won his seat. Woohooo, baby! We are on FIRE!

If you’re wondering why in the living hell would ReTHUGliQans introduce a bill that the overwhelming majority of us oppose, the reason is to rally their supporters to infuse their campaigns with volunteers and contributions and to bring their supporters to the polls for their ReTHUGliQan candidates up and down the ballot this Roevember.

They hope to dampen our enthusiasm and stop the BIG BLUE WAVE, the tsunami-building BLUE WAVE that they see we are creating.

Lyndsey Graham gave us a gift, because his proposed nationwide abortion ban bill makes crystal clear that even if today we live in a beautifully blue, Democratically-controlled state, ReTHUGliQans are serious that at the first opportunity that we give them they will implement laws to control women and the men who love and respect us.

Like all abortion bans, Graham’s bill sounds an awful lot like the ReTHUGliQans are making good on their intent to follow Romania’s Communist Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu who outlawed abortion and birth control in the middle of last century.

Ceausescu — like today’s ReTHUGliQans — was obsessed with the fetus and controlling women — which, of course, also controls the men in our lives, the men who love and respect us, our dignity, our autonomy.

Communist dictator Ceausescu said, “The foetus [fetus] is the property of the entire society.” [Insert added.] In essence, that’s what Lyndsey Graham and the rest of the ReTHUGliQans are saying. We know that ReTHUGlliQans are snug like a bug in a rug with dictators like the Saudi butcher and the Russian guy losing his mind over his losses to our great ally, Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy.

As President Biden said in his beautiful and inspirational speech last week at Independence Hall:

“For a long time, we’ve told ourselves that American democracy is guaranteed, but it’s not.

We have to defend it, protect it, stand up for it — each and every one of us.”

I love that speech! And his message is the reason that I started this podcast, a how-to series to defend our democracy.

In addition to taking our inspiration from recent wins in Kansas, New York, and Alaska, we can take our inspiration from Ukraine and channel our fury to fight like hell for our democracy, our dignity, our independence.

In this election, we have an incredible opportunity to transform our nation in the direction of our ideals, our values, and our vision for the America in our hearts, where dreams take flight and hope finds fertile ground. It’s up to you and me to till the ground of our democratic garden. Pulling the weeds — you know, the ReTHUGgies with their policies, fertilize it with our involvement in campaigns, plant good seeds with voter registration and ensuring that everyone cast their ballot, and then reaping the harvest on election night this ROEvember.

Look around. We are winning, so jump on in and help us win big!

To neutralize and defeat ReTHUGliQans, we must do two things. Clearly, we must vote for every democrat on the ballot from city hall to the Halls of Congress. We also have to do what we can to assist those Democratic candidates who need our help getting across the line this Roevember.

There are four Democratic U.S. Senators who need our help to get re-elected.

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada, Senator Mark Kelly in Arizona, Senator Rafael Warnock in Georgia, and Senator Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire.

You’ll find links to their campaigns on my website: sassypoliticalcoach.com. Scroll on the homepage. You’ll see their photos. Click on their names and boom! You’ll go to straight to their website where you can volunteer to help, donate a little money — one or both. Whatever you can do.

Re-electing these four Democrats to the U.S. Senate keeps us at status quo, and the ReTHUGliQans’ bad bills stay at bay. Good.

Now when we elect two additional Democrats in the U.S. Senate, we then have the votes we need to make Roe v Wade the law of the land as well as pass things like the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and so much more. This is how we tell ReTHUGliQans Lyndsey Graham to stuff it.

At this moment, we have FIVE flippable U.S. Senate seats. FIVE. How fabulous! Yep, the fabulous flippable five!

Tim Ryan in Ohio, Cheri Beasley in North Carolina, John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, Val Demings in Florida, and Mandela Barnes in Wisconsin. This is so very, very exciting.

You can find links to their campaigns on my website as well: sassypoliticalcoach.com.

Now here is how you can help them. I have provided a handful of podcasts that provide a paint-by-number approach to specific volunteer tasks from which you can choose.

These tasks come right out of my own personal election experience and expertise gained from 4-decades on the political frontlines around the nation. These campaign tasks are battle-tested and highly effective for winning elections.

Want to know how to use your cell phone to identify voters who will cast their ballots for our Democratic candidates? Great! Listen to Episode 3: Cell Phone Activism! It’s something you can do from wherever you are in the nation — do it by yourself at home or with your friends. Doing it with friends is more fun. Whatever you choose is fine with me.

Want to know the steps — literally, the steps — to walking and talking to neighbors? Wonderful! Listen to Episode 9, and it’s titled “Walking & Talking to Neighbors.”

What about turbo-charging the chatter on the ground to create the big momentum for our Democratic candidates? Your know, talking up our candidates. Help folks feel the pride in supporting winners. Oh, I got you covered. Listen to Episode 4.

What about that voter protection stuff that we need? I got you covered there, too. Listen to Episode 14.

On my website, I even provide step-by-step written documentation that you can download for these tasks.

And of course, if you or someone you know needs a little help refocusing attention on having a winning mentality, listen to Episode 2 titled “Get Your Head in the Game.” Look honey, it’s either in the game focused on doing what needs to be done to win and speaking like winners or it’s somewhere the sun fails to shine. Think like winners. Get your head in the game.

OK, that ends this episode of Hell Hath No Fury! Thank you for listening.

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This is Ana Maria. YOUR Sassy Political Coach™. Now go out and make “Hell Hath No Fury” our political rallying cry that helps create OUR BIG BLUE WAVE!

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