Ep. 1: Barefoot & Pregnant, My Ass!

Every time we turn around, we can hardly catch our breath before the next wave of ReTHUGliQan insanity comes scrolling over our screens.

At the end of June, the six ReTHUGliQan-appointed justices to the U.S. Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe v Wade, the 1973 decision that re-legalized abortion care in our nation.

Yep, these six ReTHUGliQan-appointed justices imposed their religious beliefs on our entire nation and granted legal authority to politicians in each state to decide for every woman — and couple — when to start or expand a family. How utterly unAmerican!

Let’s be very clear as in crystal clear. Politicians must NEVER tell a woman — or a couple — when start or expand a family. EVER.

In that same decision, the court’s ReTHUGliQan members opened the doors that threaten our right to privacy, birth control, marriage equality, and more. These six ReTHUGlicans opened the doors to recreating the Wild Wild West which will increase the weekly mass murders killing innocent people with weapons of war.

They’ve taken a bulldozer to the wall separating church and state. Of course, they’re fine with separating their Bible and their actions. And so much more.

ReTHUGlies are eager to put guns in the classrooms while starving our public-school students and educators of the resources and freedoms needed for a world class education in every community. ReTHUGliQans insist on Big Government playing matchmaker to deny each of us our freedom to marry whomever we desire. ReTHUGliQan positions, proposals, and policies are immoral and fundamentally UnAmerican.

ReTHUGliQans oppose our right to privacy. What?! Is that to give themselves legal permission to carry out their Peeping Tom fantasies. Oh good lord! Talk about political psychosis!

Sassy Political Coach™ host Ana Maria Rosato glancing up to the right looking at the sign “Hell Hath No Fury™.”

Thankfully in July, the Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives passed the bill to guarantee our access to birth control. EVERY Democrat voted for this bill while 96% of ReTHUGliQans voted against it. Birth control. We’re talking birth control.

Which not only helps to prevent pregnancy but is used for other things as well. When I was in 8th grade, I had a very heavy period that would go 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. I ended up anemic. The doctor put me on birth control to regulate my period. I was in 8th grade at an all-girl Catholic school. I was raised a devout Catholic and went to Catholic schools from kindergarten through high school. I gave it up for Lent decades ago.

Dear GAWD in heaven! ReTHUGliQans are against ensuring we can make whoopee without fear of making babies? Yeah, sex is for re-creation anddddd recreation, but come on. Let’s get real.

For most of us, it’s far more likely for recreation than it is for re-creation. Well, are, the ReTHUGliQans so bad at it that they rarely partake? I say all of this dripping with satire, sarcasm, and sass because humor is a stress release, good for our mood, helps us deal with the more challenging aspects of our lives like this political situation.

I’m telling you that all of this sounds an awful lot like the ReTHUGliQans have taken a page right out from the bowels of Romania’s Communist Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu playbook, a man who outlawed abortion and birth control in the middle of last century.

Ceausescu — like today’s ReTHUGliQans — was obsessed with the fetus and controlling women — which, of course, also controls the men in our lives who love and respect us.

In 2014, The Guardian — that’s a very reputable daily newspaper in England — published a quote from this communist dictator.

“The foetus is the property of the entire society. Anyone who avoids having children is a deserter who abandons the laws of national continuity.”


The Communist dictator demanded that women produce four Romanian children. To top it off, the communist dictator imposed a celibacy tax. Fertility was considered a state asset under the communist government.

During his dictatorship, Ceausescu sent out his goons every three months to round up women for their government-required pregnancy checks. When women did not produce the government-mandated birth quota of four new Republicans, sorry, Romanians, Ceausescu’s goons questioned their sexual habits.

Oh yeah, that’s what each of us want. A government bureaucrat asking each of us, interrogating us about our sexual habits.

And of course, the communist government imprisoned doctors and women for abortions.

ReTHUGliQans are implementing communist policies in Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, and elsewhere throughout the United States. ReTHUGliQan policies reflect their immoral values that align with communist Romania and are fundamentally unAmerican.

As the saying goes, by their acts you shall know them. Well, know them, honey, we sure as hell do.

Of course, we feel angry and fearful, frightened, and full of fury and rage. And somewhat helpless as to what to do about this. I get it.

The only question each of us needs to answer right now is this. “What can I do to remove ReTHUGlicans from public office and elect throughout our nation Democratic pro-choice, pro-voter rights, pro-LGBTQ, pro-union, pro-environment, pro-civil rights and liberties, and pro public education candidates?”

Well, I’m so glad you asked! Because THAT my friends is the reason that I created Sassy Political Coach.

I’ve been on the political frontlines for quite a few decades starting back when I was in college. Recently I worked proudly as the communications director for the ACLU of Georgia from 2017 to the beginning of this year. Over the years I’ve worked with many great organizations and dozens and dozens of electoral campaigns in Mississippi, Tennessee, California, and Virginia.

So, I’m going to share my expertise to empower you with practical and effective tactics that unlock the political power that, quite candidly, each of you possess at the tip of your tongue, tips of your fingers, and bottoms of your feet.

Throughout this series, I will coach you in what you can do so we create that BIG BLUE WAVE of victories at the ballot box this November. With every episode, I give you paint-by-number action steps.

And THAT, my friends, is how we’re going turn the phrase “Hell Hath No Fury” into our personal political rallying cry to help deliver electoral victories from sea-to-shining sea year after year after year starting this November.

Here’s your first coaching session for all of us who love and respect women be they our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, cousins, neighbors, friends, lovers, sweethearts, wives.

Call the offices of your ReTHUGlican legislators and complain — often.

Jam the phone with calls. Make it impossible for staff to do anything but answer the phone. Be calm and courteous to whomever answers the phone whether it is the public official or a staff member. I’m going to use the example of calling and speaking with a member of a public officials staff. Say something like this.

“Hi! My name is ___ and I am a registered voter and a proud American. Members of my family have served proudly in the armed services throughout many decades to preserve the freedoms of our nation.

I resent that the ReTHUGliQan Party has adopted the Romanian communist dictator’s policy, which elevated every pregnancy to be government property. The pregnancies in my family are never the government’s property.

If my legislator wants to live in a Communist Country, I’m sure that there are a few that would be welcoming. So, please, tell them to back off and remember this is America.

Be American!

Thank you.”

The first part of the phone call has the staffer actually listening to you. You’ve said the magic words: “I’m a voter in your district.” Golden words, generally speaking.

Next, nearly all of us have family members who have served proudly in our nation’s military, and it’s very important to use that in this conversation.

The values that you are espousing with these words will resonate with the staff member or with the legislator should you talk directly with him or her. In fact, these values resonate with most of us.

The beauty is that the staff member — or public official — will probably think that they are listening to one of their own supporters. That is, until you start to point out that the public official is espousing communist policies. The staffer or public official will be stunned! Good. That’s where we want them. Stunned, dazed, and confused. Sputtering all kinds of defensive things.

“Well, ma’am, I -I- I don’t think Rep. StupidOverHere is a communist. He’s a Republican.”

“Then what in the heck is he doing espousing communist policies?!”

“Well, he -he — he just believes . . .”

“Look, I know what he believes. He believes that we should turn America into Communist Romania. I’m not having any of it!

“Tell him to renounce his communist ways! NOW!

“Thank you. I need to go now. Have a good day.”

Be polite and firm, delightfully indignant and super sweet at the end! You may be asked for your name and contact information. That’s normal procedure. So provide it.

See how much fun you can have with these kinds of conversations?!?! You will have fun and give yourself a nice boost of positive energy. Think of the stories you can share be it in person, over the phone, and on social media.

#Hell Hath No Fury!

Thank you for by reading.

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This is Ana Maria, the one and only Sassy Political Coach.

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